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GitLab CE

GitLab is a full featured CI/CD application for managing a Git repository and software development process. Here's how to install the GitLab CE Omnibus stack. Includes option to use the built-in Let's Encrypt certbot for HTTPS.

yum -y install https://pbase-foundation.com/pbase-preconfig.rpm
yum -y install pbase-preconfig-gitlab
yum -y install pbase-gitlab


You should secure your server with pbase-firewall-enable, and lock down SSH access with the pbase-ssh-fail2ban package.

yum -y install pbase-ssh-fail2ban
yum -y install pbase-firewall-enable

Configuration Options

"pbase_gitlab_ce" : {
"externalUrlSubdomain": "gitlab",
"externalUrlIsHttps": true,
"letsEncryptEnable": true,
"letsEncryptEmailAddress": "yoursysadmin@yourrealmail.com",
"crontabBackupEnable": true,
"crontabBackupHour": 2